Saturday, May 19, 2012

Has anyone seen this tree?

On a recent drive-through visit to South Gippsland in Victoria we were lured to a popular local tourist attraction. 
We followed a sign directing us to 'The World's Tallest Tree'. Naturally we were excited and filled with anticipation......

Read carefully..'if the tree grew here..' That is a big 'if''.

There is actually nothing there, not even a leaf.

 It is a very celebrated non-tree. We wondered whether the world's biggest eagle once lived here, in the world's tallest tree. 

Much of South Gippsland is a huge, seriously gigantic and growing, hole which used to have coal in it (and rocks and topsoil, grass, trees, bugs, birds, marsupials and so on), but there is nothing there now. So I suppose that a special place commemorating where something once grew is appropriate.