Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Year and the Book of Days

January is almost two weeks in and I have been drifting along in a post Christmas haze resting and waiting for something to happen. Well plenty is happening, not all things I expected though.

I am participating in an online art journalling group called 'Book of Days' which is the brain child of a very creative and generous woman, Effy Wild. Effy is an artist, blogger and philosopher who I quote here;

'I see a lot of the people I love seeking validation everywhere but in the mirror. If I could offer one gift to everyone I care about it would be the understanding that no one’s belief in you is as important as your own. No one’s faith in you can move mountains in your life *but your own*. No one’s assessment of your worth is as powerful as your own.'

Effy offers a pathway to create a loving mirror, which is also a creative record and exploration of one's own daily life,  through the Book of Days project.
This project has taken on in a huge way and there are 465 members of the facebook group. I was attracted to the Book of Days project because I am seeking ways of extending my art practise and finding ways of using new materials and techniques, and also because I enjoy journalling and love to incorporate the visual with text in my journals. What I didn't expect was the wisdom, generosity and friendship being generated within the group, and all through the energy and kindness of one person. Quite amazing.

For anyone interested in a great, fun challenge which requires no 'artistic' ability in the classic sense of drawing or painting, and which is supported by excellent videos and heaps of supportive friendly others, I highly recommend BoD! Incidentally this a 'free' project.

Here is the cover and a couple of the pages from my Book of Days. I am 're-purposing' an old book, which is itself an interesting process.

So far I have found having a place to use a range of media from crayons to markers and acrylic paints, and to experiment with collage, great fun, though not always 'successful'. However it doesn't matter because this book is not a competition or an exhibit or anyone's but mine, and I am enjoying myself.


  1. This is such a lovely account of Book of Days. Like you, I have been gaining so much from playing in my book and working through whatever comes up. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations. I your peaceful buddha and butterflies spread!

  2. Effy is awesome! I wanted to do this but did not because of the time factor...but you are inspiring me both through your journal and your post!

  3. Oh yes, I second Kristen here totally! With everything else that's possible these days, I'm patiently waiting till I can buy some more hours to a day ;) Love your book!!

  4. What a beautiful write up! xo

  5. thanx for sharing part of your journey with BOD, it's a joyride isn't it :)

  6. Your book is wonderful and what a lovely post! I totally agree, Effy is such a blessing. Hope to see more of your work on Flicker - I'll keep my eye open. :o) xoDonna