Friday, January 27, 2012

I love summer holidays :-)

I feel that I have enjoyed an extra long summer holiday this year. I have been doing many of my favourite things; visiting and being visited by family, going to the beach, fishing, shmoozing around painting and reading.

I love water. The beach, lake, dam. I just love water.


  1. Awesome :D Love the fish - you're brave ;) Your post makes me wish for Summer while apparently, allegedly, we have a real cold spell coming... :)

    1. Hi Yvonne, great to hear from you! The flathead is a very passive fish so easy to catch, and very delicious to eat. I have been fortunate to have a very lovely summer holiday this year. I hope you have lots of nice woollies to keep you warm and comfy during the cold spell :-) Cheers, Julie.