Thursday, April 28, 2011

on the importance of a warm neck.....

Winter is on it's way and I am once again faced with the dilemma of how to have a warm neck without looking like a relic from the 70's in a roll neck skivvie. Never mind that I am in fact a relic from the 70's, nobody wants to look like one. Enter 'Ravelry' and my rediscovery of the pleasures of knitting!  I have knitted myself a lacy 'cowl' which has a slightly vintage look about it courtesy of Ann Hanson, a designer who I discovered through Rav, which is a knitters heaven and a fantastic example of how to create a friendly, interesting and dynamic social networking/database/information website.

This was  a quick knit too - maximum effect and minimal work!!
If you are interested in beautiful and effective knitted pieces have a look at Ann's blog Knitspot, apart from providing access to her knitting patterns, she is an entertaining writer and lover of the natural world.

I am knitting a pair of socks now - warm toes are important too

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A great day to be alive

Perfect late April day, more garden pics :-)
Autumn skies shine down on...

The roses have been fabulous this year and are still showing their last lovely faces

and there are myriad colours,

and the last of the summer vegetables

It has been quite warm here for the last few days although we have had quite a few cold ones too. Soon we will be putting in a winter vege crop, the seedlings are ready to go.