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Day 9

half hour sketch of my daughter Holly. 

Day 7

Full blown rose, watercolour on rice paper

I have painted the first flower on this rose bush every year for the last three years. It still surprises me.

Day 6

My main art activities today centred around watercolour painting a second flying bird lino print. A problem with the first one is that kookaburras aren't orange. The colour is nice though and looks good against the sky! 
Also my daughter Max commented yesterday that 'Christmas is next month'. This got me thinking about christmasses past and a childhood recollection became the subject for the day's journal, with accompanying sketch.

Day 5

Have had a lazy day today and did this quick budgie sketch specifically for AEDM! How dedicated is that? The shell was done at about 5.30am while journalling my way through a somewhat sleepless morning.

Finished cutting the lino, first effort at painting it. I will need to do this again a few times to get it right, but I am not displeased with this. 

Day 3
This is early in the day, you may be thinking..well you are right! I went down to Lake Gininnderra this morning intending to do a leisurely pastel interpretation of the storm clouds over the lake. I am in love with clouds at the moment and am keen to do another big piece incorporating them. So, I bought the coffee, set myself up by the lake with the pastels and A3 pastel paper and got started, but soon realised that I was BOILING hot! The sun was beating down upon me in a fury. Now, I had a hat (hat and sunglasses help to keep the curious as well as the weather out), but no sun screen on the arms and it was uncomfortably hot and the pastel suddenly seemed un-doable. 
So I got my A5 sketchpad, waterbrushes and travel pallette out and did a 15 minute sketch, took some photos and cleared out.

Day 2

more fish....

These were my warm ups today. I really am obsessed with my gold fish! And they are so co-operative. I use up odd bits of rice paper for these quick sketches.
Then I started to prepare for a lino print. First I chose a picture I had already painted (in pastels)..

Then I drew over it in pencil..

Then I transferred the pencil drawing to the lino and started to cut..
no feather on the lino this space.

Day 1

Both of these images are chinese ink on rice paper using Chinese brush style. Both done from life.


  1. they are amazing, Julie! I love the brush style! Did you use brush and watercolour, or a watersoluble ink and a brush? The feel of texture and shading is wonderful!

  2. Oh wow Julie, your line work is fantastic.

  3. Yvonne I have been studying traditional Chinese brush style painting for a few years. I am not interested in painting traditional Chinese pictures but I love the way the brush strokes and ink are used. Not like drawing with a pencil. This sketch is chinese (sumi-e in Japan) ink on rice paper. Thank you for your comment :-) It really is good to get some feedback.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Julie! Your brushwork and watercolors are masterfully done! I especially love the fish and the sleeping dogs, wow :) So lovely to see the progression of your work here! xo

  5. Very nice...keep up the great work!