Saturday, March 19, 2011

Knitting part 2, the good bit :-)

Huzzah! I have discovered that my mind IS that strong! I managed to knit a row without doing any of the decreases and decided to rip out all seven rows I had done and start again (that's about 2500 stitches!!!). Well I learned my lesson, knitted a bit more carefully, and finished the shawl yesterday and it is very lovely.

The wool/alpaca yarn is very soft, this will be a lovely winter neck warmer.

Autumn in Canberra is a changeable season and a very beautiful one in the garden. Roses have flowered for months and are putting on their best faces for the last of the summer warmth.

Yep, autumn is here alright

There seems to be a lot of wildlife about these days. There are still large spiders spinning their nets between the poles of the pergola and, presumably, preparing to raise a family and I fear I heard the sound of little feet and the squeaking of ratty voices on the roof of recent nights.

Moth for dinner

No rat pictures I am glad to say.

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