Saturday, November 12, 2011

Music and fun at Majors Creek Folk Festival

Friday evening when Danz got home from work we loaded the car with our camping gear and headed to Majors Creek to enjoy their biannual folk festival. It was only a couple of hours drive so we had the tent up and were enjoying our first show for the festival by 8pm.

The camp site filled quickly. It was a lovely setting, surrounded by magnificent trees and everything spring green. 

Here are a few of the performances we saw,

Martin Pearson in the Main tent. Musician, raconteur extraordinaire. He told a hilarious story about folk music fads and, for the benefit of those who weren't around the folk music scene in the late 90's, described hand carved wooden djembes as 'like a hand carved toilet bowl'. Very accurate, I thought!

 Black Joak Morris from Sydney. They are a great team and were demonstrating a dance for a workshop when I took this shot. The bells, the sticks - it was all there, a graphic demonstration of how the picts fought off the Romans! No wonder they had to high tail it  to Scotland until the Romans left :-)

 Not sure who these folk were but they sang beautifully and seemed to be in the business of selling millet brooms.

This is Riogh, lovely Irish songs performed in this beautiful old church

The sense of being nestled in a cosy and natural, but powerful environment was intense

I did quite a few paintings of performers (you can see them here) and this one of the field;

All up a pretty fantastic way to spend a weekend. Everyone was happy, lots of good music, people of all ages mixing happily and respectfully, beautiful weather, great spot. I'll be there in 2013.

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