Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Which came first? A tale of 2 chicks.

I wanted some chickens...
I sent my minions out into the world.

evidence that if you want something badly enough, someone will provide!
I was happy :-)

Babs (the small Pekin) and Woosywoo settled into their new home (after it was made clear to me that they could no longer live in the house). 
The girls grew and we put a second story on the chick house.

Free rangin'

They started to say 'Thanks for giving us a home'.
Backyard farm goodness.
the first 3 eggs Woosywoo laid were double yolkers. What a girl!
Yum :-)

We love our chickens <3

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  1. I love your chickens too! What a great post, makes me smile :)