Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas cake √, pudding √ non-judgement √

I made my Christmas cake on Tuesday, marinated the fruit overnight Monday. I always make the 'Delectably Rich Fruit Cake' from the Australian Women's Weekly 'Cakes and Slices Cookbook'. The book is falling apart and my favourite recipes are easy to find because there are dried bits and pieces and wine and tea stains on some of the pages, but it still does the job and I feel very confident in the recipes.
I make a big shallow, rather than smaller and deeper cake as it is easier to cut into moderate pieces and my children are not huge fruit cake fans. Daniel and I adore it though and we feel virtuous having a few smaller pieces rather than one huge one.
We don't cut the cake until Christmas Eve. Do you have a family tradition about this?

I make a different pudding every year. For a few lovely years my big sister made the pudding and joined us for Christmas Day, but that is over now, so I make it in honour of her. This year I am making this pudding. I'll report back on it after Christmas. The mix is marinating now and I will cook it tomorrow.

I read something amazing in 'Wherever You Go, There You Are' yesterday. This part is about coping with a noisy mind during meditation. The author advocates practising being non-judgemental.

'When you dwell in stillness, the judging mind can come through like a foghorn' (I think this guy has been inside my head, yes, actually inside it!)

The author goes on to explain the role of judgement in human thinking. It is very interesting, and he says this

'..more often than not our thoughts tend to be less than completely accurate. Usually they are merely uninformed private opinions, reactions and prejudices based on limited knowledge influenced primarily by our past conditioning.' 

All I can say to this is Oh My God! This is certainly true of my mind - everyone who can relate to this raise your hands now! I feel an almost palpable sense of relief. I am not 'right', I don't have to be 'right'. These are just my thoughts. I can feel judgement slipping away already.

I am loving this book.


  1. Your fruitcake sounds delicious, and I love the quotes from the book, thank you!

  2. Amazed at your Christmas preparations!!
    & love those quotes, too. It gives space, realising that your thoughts - especially the judgmental & soul-crushing ones - are just that: your thoughts. At the same time, it's sort of confrontational - to realise we're actually doing that to ourselves...

  3. Lovely cake Julie!... hmm.. yes our thoughts can be troublesome things if left to their own devices :)