Saturday, March 3, 2012

High school

Eek! I am writing this to participate in Words and Pictures on Pip Lincolne's Meet me at Mike's blog

:: Words And Pictures : High School
by Julie Delves

When I was in year 10 at high school  all year 10 students sat for the 'Commonwealth Scholarship' (known as the comm schol among the cogniscenti!!). We had to sit an English test and a Maths test and the aim was to win a scholarship, which entitled the winner to a certain amount of money for the next two years which could be spent on something educational, like fees to a private school.

All the year 10 students practised the test and we all expected the 'smart' kids to win. I was not a 'smart' kid but like everyone else I did the practise tests. I was quite good at English but maths was not my strong suit. I consistently got three questions wrong on the maths practise tests and when I reported this to my maths teacher, who obviously thought I was a dunce, he looked at me with a smirk and commented sarcastically 'Julie, if you are only getting three wrong, you are going to win a scholarship!'. I felt embarrassed and slunk back to my chair.

However I was one of two students that year to win a scholarship, which made me realise that maybe I wasn't such a dunce after all. I can still remember the name of the other girl who won and she really was a  clever girl.

I used the money to go to a private school because a handsome teacher (who played the guitar and sang in a deep voice :-)  at the high school fell in love with me, and my parents (and the school) were not happy so they wanted me out of harms way. But that is another story.


  1. I really DO want to know about the handsome teacher! I might have to make next week's theme 'GUITAR'!!! Thanks for sharing your 'High School' on your blog, Julie!

  2. Oh my ... I want to know more about the other story too!!!

  3. Ditto the above! *Holds breath in anticipation*!