Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Friday!

Winter in Canberra? This is it! Sun shining outside and not a breath of wind. I went for a run along  Ginninderra Creek and then made myself this plate of steamed brown rice with lightly stir fried onion, mushroom and greens with fresh oregano and a sprinkling of black pepper...and sat and ate it in the sun shining through the window. Life is good :-)

At my painting class this week Janet inspired me to paint some goldfish. I looked them up and found a pet shop that described goldfish as 'peaceful and intelligent'. I had not thought of goldfish in this way previously but this description has intrigued me - no wonder they can cope with swimming around in circles all day and night! In fact they must also have a deeply zen attitude to life, considering that their natural medium - lakes, rivers and so on - is virtually boundless and a fishbowl is, well, pretty much as bounded as a fish can be and still be alive. 
The first part of the fish that I paint is the eyes, then they seem to beg to be liberated from the page, I think that is why they are all looking out at me!

Time to get back to the goldfish.

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