Sunday, July 31, 2011

On Friday evening I drove to Crookwell, an historic NSW town that was established in the 1820's, to attend the opening of an exhibition of paintings by Janet Twigg-Patterson. Janet is a master of the art of Chinese brush painting, or sumi e as it is known in Japan. China has one of the oldest continuous painting traditions in the world and the styles and techniques which have been developed over millennia are both preserved and adapted and changed through the work of artists like Janet. Janet works in traditional themes like this, and also works with contemporary images and ideas. I have a magnificent painting of a gymea lily painted by Janet hanging in my studio. This is a poor photo, but you get the idea!

The opening was very interesting, particularly as Janet gave a talk about the philosophies and practises which underpin Chinese brush painting and the ways in which body, mind and psyche are integrated through the practise of this art. Very interesting stuff. Janet is in her seventies now and still a practising artist - she is a treasure and very inspiring.

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